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Microsites are small websites that hotel venues can create to promote their venue on Cvent's Supplier Network.
So what was the problem? Venues had a "Profile Page" on Cvent's website where their hotel was featured, but it offered limited customization options with design and content that hadn't been touched in years. The lack of a good user experience had a negative impact on the sales process.
What was the goal? We wanted to create a self-service platform where venues could create their own venue websites and increase their visibility to tens of thousands of qualified planners looking for venues. We called them Microsites.
How I helped: I used empathy, logic, and user research to influence my content choices when naming drag-and-drop widgets, creating error messages, and designing button text. I directly collaborated with user research to discover what content worked well in the old design and what needed to be updated.  

Let's check out some text

Screenshot Microsites Widget.jpg
Widget names 


When creating  widget names, I conducted A/B testing to be sure we were using the correct terms. Localization also needed to be taken into account, so I kept the widget names as short as possible so languages like German wouldn't have long, awkward text in their widgets. 

microsite image 2.jpg
Onboarding text


Onboarding is the first thing a user goes through when using your product. That's why it's the most important. I wanted to help the user create their first Microsite with ease so I used simple, short, and easy-to-understand copy. While I had to deliver the bad news that their template is permanent, I softened the blow by telling them not to worry and that we can customize their template next.

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