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Flex makes building, designing, and managing event websites easy and fun for event planners
So what's the problem? Our old event builder tool is outdated and not very user friendly. 
What's the goal? To build a new updated event builder tool with drag-and-drop widgets that make building an event website easy and intuitive. 
How I help: I collaborate with user research to really define who our users are and why they're using our product. I then use this insight to create copy that's consistent across the product. The most common text written for this product is headers, widget titles, buttons, and placeholder text.

Let's check out some text

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 6.47.37 PM.png
Placeholder text 


Sometimes users aren't sure what to put in a text box. That's where placeholder text comes in. I wanted to help users overcome any obstacles they may face in this stage, so I provided placeholder text to nudge them along and give them an idea of text they could use in their own event invitation. 

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